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M+, the new Museum of Visual Culture in Hong Kong, is contributing to the West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre with an exhibition of newly commissioned works by five contemporary artists, ranging from visual art to design, from popular culture to new media.
Specially curated by film veteran Law Kar and contemporary visual artist Chow Chun-fai, the bamboo theatre stage will be transformed into an outdoor cinema, offering a unique experience through five rarely seen Hong Kong cinematic masterpieces related to Cantonese opera.
Princess Chang Ping* (1976)2pm
Director: John WooMain cast: Lung Kim–sung & Mui Suet-see

The original Princess Chang Ping became an instant classic in the fifties with a cast headed by the legendary opera stars, Yum Kim-fai & Pak Suet-sin. Commissioned by Golden Harvest in the mid-seventies, this adaptation sees the then relatively unknown John Woo working together with the disciples of Yum & Pak: Lung Kim-sung & Mui Suet-see in bringing this epic love story back to the screen. While Woo's personal approach brings a new cinematic sensation, the essences of the opera are clearly evident throughout. This version of Princess Chang Ping is a master class in revitalising and reimaging the classic opera genre in filmic terms.
Let it Be (2004)4pm
Director: Rex Ng

In praise of the artistic contribution of Yum Kim-fai and Pak Suet-sin, Ng intercuts and waves between the fate of Yum and Pask's fictional characters and the fate of HK in 2003 after SARS. With the soundtrack of Beatles' Let It Be as a backdrop, this 25-minute experimental short film succeeds in conveying the triumphant spirit of a city that has gone through hardships. It demonstrates a specific viewpoint of a young artist exploring the tradition of Cantonese opera as well as the history of Hong Kong.
Spooky Bunch* (1980)4:45pm
Director: Ann HuiMain cast: Siu Fong-fong & Kenny Bee

Centring on a travelling Cantonese Opera troupe and their outing in Cheung Chau Island, Spooky Bunch is a rarely seen gem from Ann Hui that gives the classic Hong Kong ghost genre a comedic twist. Starring the beloved Siu Fong-fong, this film is a fun and real-life anecdotes filled journey. It illustrates the passing of traditions between generations whilst paying homage to those old-time travelling players.
The Sorrowful Lute (1957)6:45pm
Director: Tso KeaMain cast: Fong Yim-fun & Ng Chor-fan

Starring the Queen of Cantonese opera Fong Yim-fun – a top leading lady in both opera & film in the fifties and sixties – and Ng Chor-fan, The Sorrowful Lute tells the story of the rise of a young actress and the arrival of a triad boss in her life. The film's detailed recreation of old-time opera theatres in Guangzhou and Hong Kong during the golden age of Cantonese opera in the thirties and forties is not to miss.
The Dutiful Daughter Zhu Zhu (1966)8:45pm
Director: Chan WanMain cast: Chan Po-chu, Lam Kar-sing & Liang Tsi-pak

A melodrama showcasing Chan Po-chu as a teenage show girl who struggles to achieve her dream in becoming a Cantonese opera actress. This film also features the well-known actor Lam Kar-sing and timeless training scenes by the old master Liang Tsi-pak. With several opera performances by Chan and Lam, The Dutiful Daughter Zhu Zhu will surely delight Cantonese opera fans of all ages.