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In collaboration with The Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong, we have prepared a series of special Cantonese opera performances to inaugurate the future site of the Xiqu Centre.
20.1.2012 ( Friday )

Prime Minister of Six States7pm Sold Out

Main Cast:
Kung-suen Hin: Liu Kwok-sum, Chan Sing-tong
Kings of Six States: Lui Hung-kwong, Man Po-sum, Roger Chan Hung-chun, Song Hong-bo, Ho Wai-ling, Leung Wai-hong
Generals of Six States: Main cast: Lee Lung, Lung Koon-tin, Yuen Siu-fai, Sun Kim-long, Wan Yuk-yu, Lai Yiu-wai
So Chun: Yuen Tak-cheong
Umbrella Bearer: Wan Fai-yin, Chan Ka-ming
Cart-pushers: Nam Fung, Wong Chiu-kwan, Chan Wing-yi

This set piece tells how So Chun persuades the rulers of six states to enter into an alliance against the Qin state. The rulers of the six states later honour So Chun as Prime Minister of all their states and bid him a grand farewell before he retires to his home village.

Contention for the Seal Sold Out

Main cast: Lee Lung, Nam Fung, Chan Hung-chun, Liu Kwok-sum, Chan Ka-ming, Yuen Siu-fa

Shangguan Yunlong and Situ Wenfeng are both great warriors of the Han Dynasty. After their battles, they meet, quarrel and take their dispute to the imperial palace. Aiming to settle the dispute, the emperor arranges a marriage for them, but it does not stop them from fighting. Learning that northern barbarians are invading China, the couple goes to war and defeats the barbarians before they finally make up and reunite.

21.1.2012 ( Saturday )
Matinee Shows  2:30pm – 4:30pm

The Wedding Ceremony Sold Out

Guo Wenlong was planning to marry Jia Rufeng without knowing that they are siblings. To stop this marriage, Wenlong's uncle forces him to marry Zhao Ru e. This excerpt is about their wedding day.
The Reunion by a White Hare Sold Out

Sanniang marries Liu Zhiyuan then gives birth to a boy named Yao Qilang while her husband is with the army. Liu Zhiyuan's brother dumped the baby into a pond but was saved by an old servant who brings him to his father. This excerpt is about Sanniang finally reunites with her family with a happy ending.
The Butterfly and Red Pear Blossoms Sold Out

Scholar Zhao Ruzhou is in love with famous courtesan Xie Suqiu. Ruzhou tries to rescue Suqiu from Prime Minister Wang Fu but is misled into thinking that she has poisoned herself. Ruzhou finally succeeds in the imperial examination and marries Xie Suquiu. This excerpt is about Ruzhou's and Xie Suquiu's reunion.
Main Cast: Lung Koon-tin, Wong Chiu-kwan

The Lady Marshal and the Rash General7pm Sold Out

Main cast: Lung Koon-tin, Wong Chiu-kwan, Roger Chan Hung-chun, Lai Yiu-wai, Liu Kwok-sum,
Cheng Wing-mui, Wan Yuk-yu

The multi-talented Wen Cuijun is endowed in both the literary and martial arts. She loves only General Liu Xiaotian but at the same time, she has a secret admirer in Chou Shangyi. Her bosom friend, Xiao Yue'e, has set her eyes upon Shangyi, while General Luo Wenlong is smitten with Yue'e. The story is full of surprises and intrigue, chronically how this complicated web of relationship is untangled.

22.1.2012 ( Sunday )
Matinee Shows  2:30pm – 4:30pm

The Marshal's Marriage Sold Out

The king of Song decides to find his daughter, Caifeng, a husband that can defend the state. Failing to impress Caifeng, the princes of Han and and Zhao attack marshal Gai Shiying from Cai who wins Caifeng's heart. This excerpt is about how the princes of different states contend for the princess.
Two Heroic Families Sold Out

A civil war breaks out in the state of Qi, General Xia Yunlong and his sister Yunxiang flee to seek refuge at the house of his fiancee, Caifeng, who is the daughter of Marshal Hoe Feihu. Yunlong requests an army from Feihu to help the prince to regain his throne. The excerpt describes how all the sides argue on leading the army in a barrack.
Princess Chang Ping Sold Out

Ming Dynasty is on the verge of breakdown, Princess Chang Ping and her husband Zhou Shixian pretend to surrender so as to bury the king and save the prince. This excerpt is about how they sacrifice for the state.
Main Cast: Ng Chin-fung, Wan Fai-yin

The Fair Couples Welcome the New Year7pm Sold Out

Main cast: Ng Chin-fung, Wan Fai-yin, Man Po-sum, Lui Hung-kwong, Ko Lai, Ho Wai-ling, Wan Yuk-yu

Zhang Zhongchi was betrothed to Sima Jiaotong at birth, but the latter is secretly in love with a nobleman. She seeks help from Qiao Danfeng to put pressure on Zhongchi to annul the marriage. But it turns out that Danfeng and Zhongchi take to each other when they meet and they marry each other with a happy ending.

23.1.2012 ( Monday )

The Sassy Princess and Her Blunt Husband7pm Sold Out

Main cast: Law Ka-ying, Chan Wing-yi, Man Po-sum, Lui Hung-Kwong,Yam Bing-yee, Sun Kim-long

Two neighboring countries invaded China because of princess Fengxia's ill treatment of ambassadors. Brave marshal Meng Feixiong wins both battles so the emperor decides to marry the princess to Feixiong hoping that the princess will become a dutiful wife and loving mother.